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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

When a tomato is a potato on a train to Coney Island...

Yesterday was supposed to just be a quick visit to my dad in Brooklyn for lunch. Well when I called to confirm he mentioned maybe going to the aquarium. Erm, ok. Being Columbus day I was not thrilled, but I was opened to the possibility. At my dad's house Indy picked a cherry tomato from one of the plants one his stoop - Potato! she announced and put it in her jeans pocket. No, Indy, TO-MA-TO.

Well when we got out there kidlets were starved so we just got some nummy NY pizza. Then they asked for ice cream and my dad got that look in his eyes. So we hop on the subway to Coney Island. Ever the adventurer my dad makes a point of making sure we are on the car with the conductor (not the operator driving the train, but the guy who does the announcements and opens and closes the doors and such). Pops gets friendly with him and next thing I know the kids are in the booth with him honking the train horn, pushing things on the computer to make the announcements and learning all about his job.

After arriving in Coney Island we head to William's Candy and all get Ice Cream Cones, and Pops also spoils them with some giant lollipops and me with a bit of fudge for later. Indy shows them her "Potato!" (No, Indy, TO-MA-TO.) We wander around for a tiny bit, discussing a bit of family history in the area (like how my mom danced with Sammy Davis Jr. at the hotel across the street) and the upcoming renovations.

We headed back to the station, this time my dad directed us to where the front of the train would be, and, since this was the end/beginning of the line, the operators changed here, and the trains got cleaned as well, so we got to experience that as well. Indy got to see that women operate trains too, which she thought was pretty cool, and Little Bear learned a bit more about how they label and operate the tracks. I meanwhile was ready for a nap. No such luck ;)

Back at my Dad's house we hang for a bit and get ready to head back to Jersey because I have a slew of appointments and the farm to still get to after I drop the kids off at Bear's office. Indy gladly picks another "Potato!" (No, Indy, TO-MA-TO) and puts that in her jeans pocket too.

I was none too surprised when Bear relayed to me last night that Indy told him proudly that she had potatoes in her pocket and he was very confused. He was less confused and more grossed out when she retrieved one tomato, and a handful of squished mess and seeds. I meanwhile laughed so hard that I almost burst something. The mess will come out in the wash. Her joy is priceless.

I love those kids. And while yesterday was nothing like I planned, and really stressful at times, it had all the moments that made it just what it needed to be.
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