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Thursday, February 17, 2011

On gardening and insanity

I got a 10x10 plot in a new organic community garden. I am clearly insane for considering this since I am just now feeling a bit better. But I love being in a garden full of vegetables, I got the smallest plot available, and a neighbor who is willing to help out. So now I have to try and make this work.

First step? Planning! Erm, wait. Research! Erm, research and planning!! Yeah.

So, some very rough thoughts:
-Absolutely nothing perennial or invasive
-I would like to try my hand at successive planting
-I only want to plant things we will actually eat
-I can and will donate any overage
-I know for sure that I want snow peas, snap peas, sweet peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, pumpkins (not sure if I want cooking or mini-decorative), heirloom tomatoes. I would love garlic scapes, leeks, maybe some potatoes if I can figure that out. Do I want flowers??? Maybe some marigolds to help with insects?
-I need to leave room for paths to work from
-Water is on site, but I can not use any sort of sprinkler or drip irrigation
-Any support structure must be temporary and made of untreated materials
-Nothing over 5 feet tall (no giant sunflowers or corn)
-I want the kids to be able to at least sort of enjoy coming with me, so maybe let them have a small section for each of them, or input in the planning?

I am TOTALLY open to suggestions, recommendations, ideas, etc. This is my first go at a plot this large by myself, espcially not being able to plan on growing things over years. Used to blueberry bushes, grapes, that sort of thing, with minimal other stuffs.

This should be fun. And while a different direction for this blog, hopefully an entertaining one.
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