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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whole foods or something like them

Trying to focus on the garden is just leading me to frustration since I have to wait almost an extra month to get my hands dirty thanks to all the frozen wetness.

Instead I am going to focus on getting back on the whole foods bandwagon. Sadly, being when I am not feeling well we rapidly fall off the wagon out of convenience. So I need to take a serious look at my pantry, food budget, and menu planning.

100 Days of Real Food has provided me with a bunch of snack ideas which is always a rough issue around here.

Luckily the local health food store has reopened, so I will pop by there this week as a start.

Do you have any resources you like for whole/real foods?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Midsummer Night’s Inspiration

I have given myself the homework of going through and reading (or rereading) the classics, and more. I started on a Jane Austen kick for a while kicked off by the Jane Austen Book Club. I read Madame Bovary which came from a random reference by Craig Ferguson. My list is kinda long and wandering and has no real focus. I just pick whatever my interest at the moment points to. So when I came across this lovely post by Zoie at Zoie Pulkka Photography, I moved A Midsummer Night's Dream to the top of my list.

I finished it yesterday.

Her photos provided the framing for the entire play. The colors, the setting - it was so lively and immersive. Like the way I always hope a movie adaptation will be but never is.

Please take a moment and check out her lovely work!
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