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Monday, January 3, 2011

Small changes

I am a Work in Progress. Maybe I should have a construction sign or something.

In and of itself this is a good thing. Change and evolution can be good. But sometimes it feels a bit like traveling on I-95. Some part is ALWAYS being worked on, you always get caught in traffic, and it never, ever, ever feels finished.

Being the time of year where resolutions are made, and everyone is about big change, I found myself thinking how doomed to failure it all was. Because change starts with the small things. I fear like most extremism any resolutions I make can't possibly stick.

I resolved to make small meaningful changes in my life. Take those big, unrealistic goals and make a tiny dent in each one.

Lose 100llbs = No matter the serving size, always leave a little left on my plate.
Eat healthier = eat 1 piece of fresh fruit a day.
Parent perfectly = Just once a day, when I go to scream, laugh about it instead.
Have a clean house = Each day spend 15 minutes cleaning ONE room.
Get fit = 3 days a week do some sort of healthy movement.
Stop spending any unnecessary money = talk to DH before I spend money on anything.

I was going to keep going with this, adding to it. But that makes it way too unrealistic and turns the whole thing into a Big Change.

What changes are you making in your life right now, big or small?
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