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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Here comes the sun

There is something about this time of year. In the darkest of days when I am waiting for the sun. As I daydream of sitting outdoors at a cafe, feeling the breeze against my skin, the sun shining on the people I am watching, while I sip a cup of tea, I can't help but wonder why not. Nothing about this daydream of mine is impossible. Not even with my health. I have been letting so much slide, so much of what I really want and enjoy slide. The reasons I can not do all the things I want are very real. But today, knowing the days are getting longer, brighter again, I am instead focusing on all the small things, the simple wants and joys like this, that I have been letting slide, in the torrent of all the rest of things I can't do.

I am not sure yet where I am going with this. Like most things, I put this blog on hold because I could not give it the daily attention I thought it needed. But if I let go of the expectation, if I just let myself post for the simple enjoyment of it, when I feel like it, isn't that what it is really here for? If you enjoy it too, all the better of course.

I gave into this wild selfishness today. I did my nails. I was not going anywhere. I did not have company coming over. I did it just because I enjoy looking at my hands and seeing it. For some of you this might be a DUH moment. I am so great at playing the martyr. For my family, friends, heck, even myself. But not for my joy.

What simple things bring you pleasure?
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