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Thursday, November 11, 2010

On Calendars and Keeping Track

Over the years I have used many different systems for trying to keep track. Keep track of appointments, schedules, members of my family, you name it. For a while my favorite was the More Time Moms Calendar but I never had it with me when I needed it. I had endless pieces of paper with appointment cards mixed in. I was chronically double booked. Then I got my Droid. Oh how I love that thing. Oh how I love that it gives me access to my Google Calendar! Except then I have to remember where I put my phone, or load my calendar on my laptop, or you know, do any sort of work at all, when I want to get a glance as to what we are doing for the day/week/month/year. So I decided to do monthly printouts to give me an overview that I can hang in my kitchen where my old calendars lived.

Sadly this was short lived as I discovered that one of my favorite features of my previous calendar was missing - I used to be able to dedicate a line or color to each person in the house, allowing me to, at a glance, figure out if I needed to actually be DOING something or just shuttling the kids. So my latest incarnation is to have each of the kids have their own Google calendars, which share with MY Google calendar, which then gets said overview printed and hung in the kitchen.

The husband? He is on his own for now. I either drag him with me, or leave him to his own devices.

What do YOU do to keep everyone on time, on track, and on the same page?

1 comment:

Aries said...

Oh yes, with 2 teenage sons, I have to keep track, like you on my calender. I prefer table calender with empty boxes for each day so that I could write down who is going where, why, what, how etc. Guess that's what most mummy does. Happy parenting and happy blogging. Enjoy reading your site

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