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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whole foods or something like them

Trying to focus on the garden is just leading me to frustration since I have to wait almost an extra month to get my hands dirty thanks to all the frozen wetness.

Instead I am going to focus on getting back on the whole foods bandwagon. Sadly, being when I am not feeling well we rapidly fall off the wagon out of convenience. So I need to take a serious look at my pantry, food budget, and menu planning.

100 Days of Real Food has provided me with a bunch of snack ideas which is always a rough issue around here.

Luckily the local health food store has reopened, so I will pop by there this week as a start.

Do you have any resources you like for whole/real foods?

1 comment:

Malina said...

I hate stupid Whole Foods. They have a facade of being all healthy, unprocessed, and sustainable. Yet they sell lots of packaged foods (that are just as processed as the ones in the regular grocery store) and their produce is so perfect that there is NO WAY it's harvested / transported / whatever in a green manner. I'm sure they're all individually wrapped and the ugly ones are tossed (maybe they put them in the salad bar and bake them into the pies?).

I'm all for eating whole, real foods. Shop around the perimeter of the store, and find some new recipes :-)

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