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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Math about Face!

When the proposed NJ homeschooling legislation came up a little while ago, I disagreed with a number of points with it. One of the things it was trying to require was that parents submit a curriculum to the Superintendent for approval. Now in theory I get that this sounds nice, and fine and all. In all likelihood before I homeschooled I would have thought that it was reasonable enough. On a personal level I am not concerned about my curriculum getting approved despite my general opinion that it is none of the governments business TYVM.

However the reality of teaching my kids at home is a bit different than a classroom setting, and allows me the luxury/benefit/right/whatever to recognize when the curriculum I am using is not working best for us, and not having to wait an entire year if not more to try something else. So when I look at the fact that Little Bear, who LOVES math is stagnating? I am not just locked in until next September. I order a new course a go for it.

I just took the leap and ordered Math-U-See I will try and post a review after we have been using it for a bit.

1 comment:

Kate in NJ said...

I hope Math-U-See works for you.
Be sure to let us all know.

I agree about the oversight issue as well.

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