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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Losing It: Not just our Sanity - Week 1

Weight loss is a funny thing. It looks on the outside to simply be a matter of Less calories in than out. Really there is so much more to it. The reasons why we do the things we do, how we view ourselves, how the world views us, and how it effects how we want to look. UGH. While I am not thrilled, but any stretch with my current weight, shape and size, I am also not filled with the self loathing others might expect. Mostly, I want to feel healthier.

I had already made this decision a while ago - to set my physical fitness as a priority. I went to physical therapy for my knees. Followed up with every damn doctor they could throw at me. So the next logical step was to join a gym, which I did earlier this week. The day I went to the gym I weighed in at home. My starting weight - the heaviest I have ever been. I totally wanted to crawl into a hole instead of going to the gym that day, and who am I kidding, pretty much every day since. But I got up and went. And did what needed doing. Feeling a bit like I was throwing grains of sand at the incoming hurricane, when I really needed a truck full of sandbags.

The next day I got up determined to go again, but still without a drop of real motivation which changed while I was procrastinating checking twitter and came across #LosingIt10

So rather than feeling kind of helpless, I suddenly had a challenge. Which kept me going all week.

I don't plan on posting my weight. What I WILL be doing is posting my percentage lost each week. This week: 4% Which frankly is pretty damn spectacular, and might well have been a fluke on the scale this morning. And if it is I will work harder next week. And if it is not, is a darn great start.


Julie said...

Awesome! You must've done something right. Keep it up and share your secrets:)


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Welcome to Losing It! Congratulations on losing 4% - that is awesome!! I know what you mean about throwing grains of sand at this weight-loss hurricane, but we have to remember that every little bit helps! Good luck this week!

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