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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not so Little Bear

Little Bear, who is not so small anymore, but not all that Big either has been having a rough time in school. Much of it is social, as it has always been, but up until recently he has been able to progress academically despite the frustrating social aspects. I am noticing more and more that his behavior toward schoolwork is turning negative. He has begun to bring up his desire to be homeschooled more and more again.

I have explained to him that he needs to show me a level of respect in regards to homework, that has not been present as of late, before I am willing to seriously consider it.

Part of me wants to bring him home, today, now, because there is so much about what they do at the school I disagree with. Another part worries my health is not up to it. Though as he gets older this becomes a bit less of an issue (since I can sign him up for online classes, and he can socialize with neighborhood friends without my constant supervision).

This is not a decision I am going to jump into, or make alone. Bear is half of this parenting team, even if he is not the one doing the teaching.

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