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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My first experience as a BzzAgent

As it does Twitter led me to After a bit of research I decided to give it a shot. But what I was looking for, and ultimately did not find, was a play by play of what it is like to participate from someone who had done it.

I signed up and filled out some surveys. Then the next day I filled out more surveys, till I had done all that were there. I connected my accounts. I tweeted my meek but reasonable Bzzscore of 5. Then I waited.

Then today I logged in and there was a campaign waiting for me. I filled out the form to participate and tada! I will be receiving samples of cat food for Phoebe to try. They gave me a code to pick one of 3 products to purchase with free shipping via PetfoodDirect. I ordered Hill's Science Diet Ideal Balance Grain Free Adult Feline Dry Food, which I placed today around 2pm.

What I like about the process so far: This is a product I would like to try ANYWAY. And there is no pressure from BzzAgent to be anything but honest in my opinion. So far no spam, no catches.

What I don't like: Lack of campaigns. I was hoping to qualify for more, quicker. But I suppose this will come with time.

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