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Monday, February 11, 2013

Time to go to bed

Sleep. I love it. I need it. LOTS of it. Lots of quality sleep. Which I have not been getting. And our last trip to Disney made that perfectly clear as I was comfortable there. Bear loves water beds. He had one long before me, and we have had one the entire time we have been together. I hate them. My back hates them. Our most recent one had gotten so bad that I had taken to napping on the couch just to wake up not hurting once a day. We finally broke down and bought a bed. This is NOT a giveaway. I did not get a free product to review or anything. I did work for the company in the distant past (read >10 years ago). Anywho, we bought a Sleep Number bed. We put it together last night. This was the most difficult time I have ever had putting together a Sleep Number bed, which as I said I used to do all the damn time when I worked for them, because back then we did not offer installation. They do now. I recommend it. In all fairness I LIKE the assembled base much more than the old ones. It feels sturdier, they have gotten rid of the annoying squeeks from the old version. But the old ones put together easy. This one required much help from Bear. And lots of swearing from me. The mattress itself is exactly what I needed. The perfect balance of pillow top squish and the firmness my achy back needed. And Bear can make his side soft enough to kinda sorta resemble a water bed. Or whatever, I have suffered for a decade. It is his turn :P Get to know a sales person at your local store. It is totally worth waiting for a good sale, and they can give you an idea of the best time to buy/financing options (though as always I encourage save to buy, instead of paying off). And trying different mattresses out to find one that has the feel you are looking for. And definitely get the mattress pad (because if you read the fine print, no mattress pad effects the warranty) and if you have allergies, (or are worried about bed bugs) get that cover TOO. Because these beds really do last 20 years, and that is an investment worth protecting.

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