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Saturday, June 22, 2013

In which I get entirely too involved in a theme, and might need to get some sleep but it was really really fun today!

The first Phineas and Ferb inspired day went so well (pictures coming shortly) that I am moving right on to getting ready for the next ones.

Thoughts for future episoseds:

101b Candace Loses Her Head: This is a tough one as there is definitely no budget to go see Mt. Rushmore this summer, and drilling to China seems right out. Will absolutely take suggestions here! Maybe have Little Bear makes something for Indy for her birthday. Perhaps.

102a The Fast and the Phineas: Some combination of remote control cars, or perhaps bumper or race cars! Maybe all 3.

102b Lawn Gnome Beach Party of Terror: I will leave the kids in the capable hands of NOT ME and go to the day spa. After all, mom's need fun too. Upon arriving home I will deny any knowledge of nonsense that may or may not have occurred.

103a The Magnificent Few: Thinking horseback riding for this one, as I am not entirely sure where to go to milk a cow. I will look into it though!

103b S'Winter: Too far/cost prohibitive to try and go skiing in the summer. So I say Snow Cones it is! Maybe a fake snowball fight. *ponders*

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