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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I once again and in a place where I am trying to figure out if we can make Homeschooling work for us. I had really wanted to do the New Jersey Virtual Academy with them, but the teacher's union won this round, and it has been refused it's charter (LOVE teachers, dislike the NJ union).

One of the reasons I had decided to put the kids in public school was my health. However a number of things have happened since I sent them to school. They are of course older which means a huge increase in independence. If I am having a bad day, as long as I have prepped well, they will not miss any work. Also, while I still have bad days, they are certainly not the endless weeks of pain I was in years ago.  I can push to make it to local classes, where getting off the couch was impossible for a while there. 

I know without a doubt it would be a smart move with Little Bear. His learning and socialization styles both lean that way, as do his wishes. He has already maxed out the system's math and sciences for his age, and they won't move him ahead in just those areas as he is age appropriate in the other subjects.

Indy is another story though. Educationally she would benefit from it. She needs more individualized attention in some areas than the public school system provides. She ends up frustrated and feeling less intelligent than she is because she is so incredibly social that she wants to play instead of committing the information to memory. This leads me to wonder if I do bring her home, if I would stunt her socially. Not that homeschooling means lack of socialization, but is it the volume of socialization she craves? Where is the line between socialization and education?

This summer is an experiment of sorts. Not doing camp this year. Seeing how they respond to my educating them a small bit each day. Seeing if I can keep up with her socialization needs, and challenge him academically. All while not stressing myself and putting my health as a priority. Wish me luck *L*

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