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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Meeting of the minds

While researching curricula I came across information of Mensa and gifted children. You see Mensa encourages homeschooling for gifted children who's educational needs are not being met in public schools, acknowledging that a suitable private school education is out of the financial reach of most parent. So after all these years of avoiding it, I went through the process of taking the test, and joining, in the hopes that I would have access to resources to arm me to better education my children.

Tonight I braced myself, left the kids with Bear, and headed off for my first meeting. Boy was I in for some surprises. First of all I was the youngest person by far. Secondly upon hearing that I was to be homeschooling my children I received a reaction I have never experienced before. Respect and adoration! I was greeted with chimes of "how wonderful", "it is nice to see parents today taking responsibility for the education of their children". Normally I am met with scorn, confusion, or even disbelief when people hear about homeschooling. This was a lovely, and much needed change.

I met someone who has studied the gifted programs in NJ public schools, or really the lack there of. She had tremendous suggestions of books to read, (especially The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child: Helping Your Child Thrive in an Extroverted World which I am reading now) and best of all a contact person within the local Mensa chapter who specializes in gifted children. It sounds like some testing for the kiddos might be in order so that I can best utilize their natural strengths to teach them effectively.

This subject requires thought and processing, research and review. We shall see where this leads if anywhere, but for now I will be grateful for the much needed support I received.

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