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Monday, June 4, 2007

What about Indy?

In my grand scheme to homeschool Little Bear, there is one issue that I have not been convinced on. What it the world I am supposed to do with Indy while I am teaching Little Bear? In my quest to solve this problem I have searched support group archives, made repeated use of Google, and as of yet have only been able to come up with a few ideas.

The first of which is that which seems to be the most basic. Try to include her in as much of the learning process as she is interested in. Let her scribble while he practices his letters. She can listen in on the lessons and stories. Do craft projects with us. But lets be frank, not many 2 year olds can hold their attention as long as a 5 year old can (not that they are bastions of attention spans themselves, but you know what I mean).

The second is to reserve specific toys for her to play with while we are schooling, in the hopes that the novelty of these otherwise forbidden toys will be enough to keep her attention. My concern in this? What is to keep Little Bear from finding them just as intriguing?

The third, and the one I am trying not to pin too much hope on, despite enjoying every second of prep work thus far is Preschool Activity Bags. My tests of these with Indy have resulted in a lot of high hopes and much giggling on her part. I can only hope they will be such a hit when I need them to be. I have only assembled two of them to date, and am working on a third. Perhaps as time goes on I will review them individually.

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Summer said...

It can be pretty hard when you've got little ones. But it's fun too. :) Homeschooling with Younger Children has some ideas for what to do with little ones.

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