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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rabbit season! Desk season!

I had been planning to teach Little Bear at the kitchen table, which is where we do most of crafts and such now. However while he was coloring a while ago I noticed that he was sitting down kind of low, leaving his hands at the wrong angle to develop proper handwriting skills. I have one Kinderzeat which had been his, but that has long since been handed down to Indy. I picked up a booster seat, but I don't think he will be comfortable sitting in it for extended lessons, for while he seems to like it, he is always fidgeting by the end of a meal.

Thus began the great search for a desk. I started with Freecycle with no luck. Next I researched school supply websites. It is unbelievable how much money they want for even the most basic of school desks! That was promptly vetoed on budget concerns. I had mostly given up the idea, but then decided to give it another shot when I heard that a nearby town was having a town wide yard sale. Sure enough on a tiny side street that Bear managed to wander us over to, I spied a small wooden school desk. It is beaten up, could use to be refinished, but has obviously been well loved, what with being drawn on and all. The woman was happy enough to have it go to a good home that she gave me an extra chair for it, so now Indy has a place to sit as well if she wants.

After a quick wipe down Bear and I briefly discussed refinishing it. It occurred to us that if we did put all that energy into it we would be upset if our kids ended up coloring all over it again so it will stay as is, though I might take a Magic Eraser too it just to clean it up a tiny bit more. So I have a (well loved, beaten up, in need of refinishing but not going to get it) wooden school desk in my living room that the kids have already been making a part of their daily lives.

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