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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cough, Cough

Indy has pneumonia. Meds have taken care of the worst of it and she has returned to school, slowed down just a tiny bit. Bear is sick as well. Not horribly so, but enough to warrant a visit for him to the doctor, which is something. Meds are on board for him as well. Little Bear seems to be unphased and occasionally will sneeze but mostly just goes about playing like a wild man and vaguely concerning me by not wanting to wear a jacket (it is still only 50 degrees out - and there are piles of snow everywhere). I am just inconveniently sick. The worst of it really is my throat/voice from the mild coughing. Who needed to be able to yell anyway ;)

I went to meet with my physical trainer yesterday for the first time. He does not just do workouts but also nutrition, which immediately put my guard up, since so many of these people are all or nothing hard asses. Which is why during the course of our conversation, when he mentioned eating things like Oreos and hot dogs, I really started to listen. This is a guy that understands eating for real - sure not having that at every meal, or every day, but there is no expectation of life long deprivation! A lot of what he talked about is all about blood sugar regulation, and just generally medically backed up ideas. *blink blink*

We will be meeting on Thursday to go over what he wants me to do in the Gym. Would I like to work with him over the next few months? Hell Yes. But I don't know that it is in the budget. These first few meetings came with my gym membership. Beyond that, I do not see how it will happen.

But I went. Despite feeling not great. I got up and put my darn workout bra on, which does not help with deep breathing on the best of days ;) and showed up. For some people that may not be a big deal. Maybe for them that is easy. To just keep going. Not for me. So I feel good today for having that much willpower. Now, if you will excuse me, I have a piece of birthday cake that needs eating.

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