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Friday, March 5, 2010

Losing It: Not just our Sanity - Week 2

This week was so darn typical of how I get off track. Indy got sick on Sunday with what turned out to be Pneumonia, which rapidly derailed my gym streak. Kinda hard to work out with a feverish five year old clinging to you like a nursing newborn. I tried to stick with just getting more movement in the house - sit down less, don't be afraid of the stairs, and try not to GORGE when I eat.

Totally convinced that I was going to gain back some of last week's weight loss, which I was pretty sure was a total fluke anyway, I got on the scale this morning and discovered a small loss. Which is totally better than NO loss, or a gain, but kinda disappointing compared to last week. Percentage lost to date: 4.7% Percent this week: 0.7%

Next week back in the gym!



Anonymous said...

What a GREAT loss so far! Keep pushing forward. Tomorrow starts another week!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

So sorry your kiddo was sick! But you've had a GREAT success so far! I hope this week is better for you, in all ways. :)

The Mum said...

Keep moving forward! I hope this week turns out better for you. You're doing great so far.

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