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Friday, March 12, 2010

Losing It: Not just our Sanity - Week 3

What I want to do is scream and cry and pout that it is not FAIR that I am fat, and was sick for my birthday and that I deserved to eat all the cupcakes, cake, ice cream and such. Instead I will step up and admit I fell back into all my bad habits this week. What I didn't do was treat *every* meal like it was a comfort I deserved. I tried to salvage some of them, and make smaller, better decisions when I felt I could (which was not enough).

It hit me pretty hard when I got on the scale this morning and saw a gain. I could justify it as "not a huge gain" but I am never going to get healthy going backwards. So instead of diving into my fridge, I went to the gym. No seriously I did! I am all sweaty and my legs hurt and everything. Even if my nose is still sniffly. Percentage lost to date: 4.3% Percent this week: +0.4%


Mel said...

Don't be too hard on yourself! It's so easy to fall back into hold habits. Especially with food! Tomorrow is a new day. Good job with going to the gym. You can do it!

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Smaller, better decisions are WAY better than nothing. And GREAT choice to go to the gym! I definitely didn't do that after I found out I'd gained a pound this week. :(

Maricris Zen Mama said...

Did you know that when you start exercise, it bulks up your muscle which translate into "weight gain"? You'll soon see the numbers going down. Also, thank you for linking your blog in my "blogher list". I hope to meet you at the conference!

Steve n Vickie said...

You'll get there. sdon't get discouraged. Everyone has a bad week.

Loukia said...

Don't beat yourself up about it. Just get back to doing what you were doing! Losing weight is the biggest struggle ever, so hard, so so hard. I love food so much so for me, when I diet, I diet hard-core. I'm a yoyo dieter, the worst kind!

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