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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Parenting is no fair.

Sometimes it is hard being a mom. Wait, no strike that. It is always hard being a mom. Sometimes it is just a lot less enjoyable than others. Little Bear was being brat-tastic this morning. Only willing to play games HE chose, refusing to even listen to what Indy wanted to do, not listening to me, throwing all manners out the window, and just generally being a grumpy miserable person to be around.

Which sucked. A lot. Not just because I had to deal with it, but because I had intended to surprise him and go to a movie he wanted to see this afternoon. Just the two of us. But there is no way I was rewarding that behavior. Nuh uh. No matter how bad I wanted to go. He seems to have pulled himself together, so I am going to take a wait and see approach.

This just all makes me think of so many other parenting decisions, that I am sure some people just do not get. I am told I am mean, or strict. Perhaps I am. But I don't think those are bad things necessarily. Sure it is often no fun at all. Would it be easier to let my kids stay up all night than be firm about bedtime? Let them leave their room a mess and their beds unmade all day? If course it is easier in the short term. But they are worth the energy investment. Equally, the world would not be well served by me turning out children who grow into adults like that.

So there may not be a movie today, but there will be ones in the future. Ones where I know my kids are not the ones being disruptive or rude during.

Even if it would be easier to just say to hell with it and go anyway, cause damn it I wanted to go to the movies with him and it is just no fair!

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